Little Patriots Hoops

Official Rules

  • All kids must play equal time.This doesn’t mean you can’t manipulate your lineup to make sure your better players are playing at key times within the game.

  • Games are 4, 10 minute quarters.The clock stops after 5 minutes for subs.The 5 minute sub break is not a timeout and needs to be done within 30 seconds.When the 5 minute mark of each quarter is reached, the clock will stop but the current play will continue until there is a suitable break in the action.Halftime should not be any more then 2-3 minutes.

  • The game is running time except the last minute of the game.If the score is within 10 points in the last minute, the clock stops as normal.If the game is beyond 10 points, the clock continues to run.

  • Each team gets 3 time outs per game.You can use them any time.

  • All shooting fouls are 2 shots.All non-shooting fouls committed in the final 30 seconds of a game are 1 and 1 as long as the game is within 10 points.

  • Players are not allowed to press.As soon as a team secures a rebound, everyone must get back on defense.If a rebound is secure, an outlet pass cannot be intercepted because the defense has to get back to their side of the court.

  • Pressing is only allowed in the final minute of a game as long as the score is within 10 points.

  • Players are not allowed to play defense pass the “line”.On court 3, this is the 3 point line.On courts 1 and 2, this is the line that will be laid out with tape.You cannot play defense above the line.

  • Players cannot double team a player on offense.There is judgement involved in help defense vs double teaming.The point of this is to prevent a highly skilled player pursuing a double team to take advantage of a player with lesser ability.

  • A double team violation simply results in giving the offense the ball back.

  • Traveling, double dribble and other common violations will be called but will not be enforced by the letter of the law.The calls will mimic a player’s ability.A lesser skilled player will be given more leeway than a highly skilled player.All players will and should receive proper coaching to ensure they know what the violation is and help them in not committing it over and over.

  • Stopping the game to discuss a teachable moment is not only OK but encouraged.If a player does something that can be corrected and the ball goes out of bounds, it is perfectly fine to come on the court, stop all players and show them what should have been done.It is also acceptable to take an extra moment to set up an out of bounds play since most kids will need some time to get situated on a play under the basket.